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Course Wildlife

There is a diversity of wildlife inhabiting Tipperary Golf Club. The golf course is an ecological corridor for many wildlife species. The hare,  red squirrels,  buzzards, kestrels, owls, herons, duck water hens and many other smaller birds and critters all living  in harmony among the golfers on a daily basis.

At Tipperary Golf Club we have observed nature balancing itself in my time in Tipperary Golf Club . In recent times the red squirrel has returned after 15 years in exile. The grey squirrel had moved into the area and pushed out the smaller native red. In recent years ago a pair of buzzards began nesting on the course. (Can be seen on fairways at dawn and dusk when course is quiet). Slowly but surely the grey squirrel numbers decreased as a result of the new residents. This reduction has allowed room for the red squirrel to return to Tipperary golf club.  An example of nature balancing itself over time. It’s not just a golf course, there is a lot more going on around if we observe our surroundings as we play the course.

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