Privacy Policy

Updated on 18th August 2018

For communication with Tipperary Golf Club relating to data privacy matters please contact our Data Protection Officer via email on

This statement relates to the privacy policy of Tipperary Golf Club (‘Golf Club”).

It relates to

  • our website,
  • our accounting system,
  • our blog email facility as provided through Mailchimp,
  • our tee-time booking system as provided through BRS,
  • our handicap and games software as provided through HandicapMaster/MasterScoreboard.

Your Right to Privacy
We fully respect your right to privacy in relation to your interactions with our website.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Golf Club will not collect any personal information about you during your visit to this website without your clear consent.

Online services
The Golf Club may collect information for the following purposes:
• to facilitate access to and use of the service
• to assist the user in the administration of the Account
• to enable the Golf Club to ensure that all User(s) are granted the appropriate Access level
• to enable the Golf Club to ensure that the System is being used in an appropriate manner
• for reporting and statistical purposes, and for any other lawful purpose including fulfilment of the Golf Club’s legal obligations.

Any information which is provided by you during your visit will be treated with appropriate standards of security and confidentiality and in strict accordance with the terms of the prevailing Data Protection legislation.

If, at any time after providing personal information to us, you decide that you no longer wish us to hold or use this information, or in the event of the information becoming out of date, you are free to notify us and we will remove or rectify the information within a reasonable time; see the Unsubscribing and Updating Contact Details section below.

By using this site, you acknowledge and agree that in certain circumstances we may be obliged to disclose personal information relating to you to third parties, if required to do so by law or to comply with any legal process.

Collection and Use of Technical Information
Certain technical details in connection with visits to the website are logged for statistical purposes. For general web browsing, no personal information is revealed to us, although certain statistical information is available to us via our internet service provider. This information may include:

• The logical address (IP) of the server you are using – the identifying details for your computer (or your internet company’s computer), expressed in “internet protocol” code (e.g. Every computer connected to the web has a unique IP address, although the address may not be the same every time a connection is made.
• The top level domain name from which you access the Internet (e.g, .ie, com, .org)
• ‘clickstream’-type data which shows the navigation path of visitors around this site (e.g. pages accessed and documents downloaded)
• The type of browser you are using – a browser is the software you use to read web pages, examples include Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
• The date and time you access our site
• The Internet address used to link to our site including any search terms used.
The above information is used to create summary statistics that allow us to assess the number of visitors to our site, identify what pages are accessed most frequently and generally help us to make our site more user friendly. It may also be used to target appropriate advertising for each user.

Visitors to these sites cannot be identified from this technical information and it is only used to assist us in providing and developing an efficient service and to make the sites more effective. We will make no attempt to identify individual visitors, or to associate the technical details listed above with any individual. We may disclose aggregate statistics about our visitors in order to describe our services and site usage levels to reputable third parties and for other lawful purposes, but these statistics will not include personally identifying information. You should note that technical details, which we cannot associate with any identifiable individual, do not constitute “personal data” for the purposes of the Data Protection legislation.

Use of ‘Cookies’
‘Cookies’ are small pieces of information placed on your computer by a website and which, typically, can be read by the website on your subsequent visits. The information stored in a cookie may relate to your browsing patterns on the web page, or contain a unique identification number so that the site can “remember” you on your return visit. It is usually possible to configure your browser to prevent the operation of cookies. 

Our website uses cookies to remember returning users.

Right of Access
Under Section 4 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 you have a right to a copy of your personal data. A request under Section 4 should be in writing (e-mail or written letter) addressed to the Tipperary Golf Club, Rathanny, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary (e-mail: Please quote “Data Protection” in the subject header. Sufficient proof of identity must be enclosed with your application (e.g. photocopy of passport or driving licence) as well as information to enable us to locate any relevant personal data. Your request will be dealt within 40 days of receipt.

Unsubscribing and Updating Contact Details
Visitors who have provided contact details to us through our website may, at any stage, choose to remove their contact information from our database so that they will not receive future communications or change, modify or update the contact information previously provided.
This may be done by post to Tipperary Golf Club, Rathanny, Tipperary Town, Co.

Rights of Rectification and Erasure
Under Section 6 of the Data Protection Acts you have the right to apply to have your personal data corrected, if inaccurate, or erased if we do not have a legitimate reason for retaining it. A request under Section 6 should be in writing (e-mail or written letter accepted) addressed to
Tipperary Golf Club, Rathanny, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary (e-mail: Please quote “Data Protection” in the subject header.). Sufficient proof of identity must be enclosed with your application (e.g. photocopy of passport or driving licence).

Links to Third Party websites
Our site may contain links to the sites of third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of third party sites and we suggest that you read their privacy policies when you wish to visit such sites.

Copyright Statement
The material featured on our website is subject to copyright according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000.

Disclaimer Statement
The contents of these pages are provided as an information guide only. While every effort is made in preparing material for publication, no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the Golf Club for any errors, omissions or misleading statements on these pages or any site to which these pages connect.

Updates and Amendments to Privacy Statement
We reserve the right to update or amend this privacy statement at any time.