Membership Rates 2020

New Member Only €450 – No more payment until 2021.

At Tipperary Golf Club you will find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere both on the course and in the Clubhouse. The quality and layout of the course caters for players of all ages and abilities. Our Clubhouse provides a fantastic environment to relax with some food or drinks and to enjoy a bit of chat and banter after your game.

  • Our Friday Mixed Scramble (summer months) is a very social evening giving new members the chance to mix with many of the existing members while golf beginners can pick up plenty of help and tips for their game.
  • For the competitive golfer we also run competitions through the year on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Our tee-time booking system allows you to either book with your own group of players or join others you might not usually play with.
  • Finally, our Seniors Groups provide the opportunity to play your golf in a more relaxed environment where your wit is just as important as your waggle.

Our Green Fee rates can be found here.

For more detail on any of the packages below please contact us via (062) 51119 or .

Beginners In Golf

We recommend that you take a look at the website for the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) . Here you can pickup plenty of advise on how to get started in the game.

Membership Rates

Subscription RateDetail
New Member
New Entrant
Rejoining after a lapse of 2 yrs.

**New entrant offer is limited to 1 year.

Aged Under 30€450
Aged 30 – 34€550
Aged 35 – 39€650
Single / Family
€750 / €1,250
Single / Family
€650 / €1,000Over 65.
Over 80
Single / Family
€450 / €800Over 80.
Overseas / Distance
Single / Family
€300 / €500 80 kms / 50 miles.
Single / Family
€300 / €500 Full Member of another Golf Club.
Student€100Student (3rd Level).
Junior€80Junior (Pre 3rd Level).
Under 40€450This membership category was closed on 22/5/2014.
The rates above include all GUI/ILGU fees.

New/Lapsed Membership €350