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** All distances in meters to center of the green.
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HoleBlueWhiteYellowParIdx (M)RedParIdx (L)
The 1st is a slight dog-leg to the left.
A drive to the right centre of the fairway gives you the best view of the green.
Bunkers protect the green on both left and right.
The green slopes up from front to back, the ground falls away behind.
The 2nd is a sharp dog-leg to the right.
Long drivers of the ball might brave the OOB to the right and cut the corner.
The safer route is straight out using the ash tree as a guide.
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The 3rd is again a slight dog-leg to the right.
Keep your tee shot to the left to prevent being blocked out for your next shot.
The green is bunkered on the left with OOB to the right.
Any ball rolling off the green to the right can get into big trouble.
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The 4th is a straightforward par 5.
Off the tee a lake guards the right of the fairway.
There is a hidden bunker on the left side of the fairway approx 90m from the green.
The green is bunkered on the left and right.
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The 5th plays longer than it appears.
Bunkers protect the green on both sides.
Beyond the green leaves a challenging chip for any golfer.
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The 6th is a straight par 5 going over the hill.
The left side of the fairway is protected by ball-hungry conifers.
The green is bunkered on both sides and slopes up steeply at the front.
Beyond the green brings trouble with trees, a lateral water hazard and OOB.
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The 7th is uphill all the way and plays every yard of it's length.
Two difficult bunkers protect the front while trees loom at the back.
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The 8th dog-legs left to a two-tiered green.
The mast on top of the hills is often a good target line from the tee.
Trees to the left can block any approach to the green from that side.
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The 9th slopes up, down then back up again.
Two fairway bunkers wait for any stray drives from the tee-box.
In general, the left side of this hole has less danger than the right.
There is a water hazard to the left of the fairway at approx 120m from the green.
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The 10th is a par 4 with the fairway falling to the right.
A right to left shot has a better chance of holding the fairway.
This tricky green is bunkered both left and right.
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The 11th, index 1, is a long and tough par 4.
There is OOB all the way down the left.
A large green is protected by water on the right side.
The ground falls away sharply beyond the green.
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The 12th is a troublesome par 5.
Water hazards loom ahead with The Arra flowing along the boundary to the left.
The fairway narrows at 100m from the green which is protected by a ditch at the front.
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The 13th is a short par 3.
You need to clear the water hazard protecting the front of the green.
In dry conditions anything falling short of the green may roll back to the hazard.
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The 14th is a tough par 4.
A lateral water hazard runs along the right side, at the bottom of the slope.
The ground falls away to the right and back of the green so best not to be long.
A deep and tough bunker protects the right side of the green which slopes right to left.
The safest approach is to the left side of the green.
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The 15th, a feature hole, is known locally as 'The Fairy Hole'.
A big dip protects the front of the green.
Anything landing near the front of the green can easily finish trickling back down the slope.
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The 16th is a very strong par 4.
Going down the left side runs a risk of being blocked out for a straight shot to the green.
Beware of OOB near the machinery sheds.
No bunkers on this hole.
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The 17th is a short par 4 with a small green.
Club choice is important on the tee as the fairway narrows around 90m from the green.
Trying to drive through this neck runs the risk of trouble on both sides.
The green is the narrowest on the course and difficult to find.
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The 18th is a great finishing hole.
The blue tee box is especially intimating with trees closing in around the tee.
Bunkers lie in wait on both sides on the green.
The green itself slopes up from the front, levelling off toward the back.
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Slope Rating129127124128
Front 9 SSS (Rating)727173 (134)
Back 9 SSS (Rating)706972 (122)


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