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Our Captains

Lady Captain 2016-17

Noreen Crosse

(Photograph courtesy of William O’Brien)

Noreen is a native of Ballyphilip, Nenagh. In 1994 she started her golfing career in Nenagh Golf Club.  She married William Crosse in 1999 and moved to Millbrook, Anacarthy when she joined Tipperary Golf Club. She instantly became part of a great golfing family enjoying many great days on and off the course.

Her objective for the year is to strive to make Tipperary Golf Club the best member’s club in County Tipperary with the help of the various committees.

Noreen loves driving in the gate and heading out to the first tee… leaving all her cares behind.

To anyone thinking of taking up the game of golf, come out and join our super-friendly club with great traditions and lots of social events, giving you a chance to meet people both on and off the course. I truly believe that your life will be enhanced with a passport for life. Personally, as a cancer survivor, it has added cherished moments to my life and helped me live life to the full. So the health benefits of golf cannot be underestimated. Do not delay, join today.

Captain 2016-17

Bernard Murphy

(Photograph courtesy of William O’Brien)

Bernard grew up nearby in Tipperary Town.  Although Bernard has been a member of Tipperary Golf Club for over 10 years now, in fact his family connection with the Golf Club goes back to the 1950’s.  They were different and difficult times back then, when Bernard’s older brothers Peter and Billy used to regularly caddy as young boys on the then 9 hole course, to earn that few extra bob for the growing Murphy family household.

When asked what the best attributes of the Tipperary Golf Club were, he said that the ease with which he was able to integrate himself into the playing scene as a newly joined member, so friendly and welcoming was the atmosphere in the Club.  Bernard says that he has made a lot of new friends from playing golf and from simply ‘being involved’ in Tipperary Golf Club.

“To anyone thinking of taking up the sport” he advises “you should be aware that golf is as much a mentally-challenging as a technically-demanding sport.  But it’s a hugely uplifting feeling when you hit that drive right straight down the middle of the fairway, or hole a raking 20-30 foot putt for that clutch par, or even birdie !  Playing golf I am convinced is hugely beneficial for one’s mental as well as physical health, so go out and see if it’s true.  I can honestly say that becoming a member of Tipperary Golf Club was one of the best personal lifestyle decisions I have made over the last 15 years or so.”

Our Presidents

Lady President 2016-18

Evelyn Connery

(Photograph courtesy of William O’Brien)


President 2016-18

Vincent Gilligan

(Photograph courtesy of William O’Brien)


Past Officials


2016-17Bernard Murphy
2015-16Larry Creamer

Lady Captain

2016-17Noreen Crosse
2015-16Ann Kinane Creamer


2016-18Vincent Gilligan
2014-16Paddy O'Shea

Lady President

2016-18Evelyn Connery
2014-16Renée Bourke


Tipperary Golf Club: Rathanny, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary, E34 HP95.