Winter Sweep Week Ending 12/2/12Winners: Joe Grimes (16) 29pts, Jackie Nelligan (20) 28pts, Gerry Kelly (14) 25pts, Gerry Boland (13) 25pts, Eddie Madden (10) 25pts, Brian Treacy (12) 25pts, Seniors Results 9/2/12Winner 81pts. Raymond Shanahan, Pat Duggan, Seamus Ryan. 2nd. 78pts Jim Foley, Noel Horgan, Pat Kelly, 3rd. 75pts. Pat O Donovan, Michael Collins, Maurice Crotty. Cards Winners: Kathleen Kinane & Mona Vaughan. Evelyn Connery & Vincent Gilligan.


Winter Sweep Week Ending 5/2/12 Winners: Richard Ryan (10) 27pts. Padraig O’Ceallaigh (20) 25pts. Damien Browne (12) 25pts. Eoin Ryan (18) 25pts. Captain’s Drive In Scramble 5/2/12:Front Nine:1st: Pat Ryan G(6), Deirdre Hayes(20) Sean English(18), Evelyn Connery(23) 28.15. 2nd: Madge Cleary(35), Pat Creamer(8), Ann Dwyer(20), Jim Noonan(16) 29.85. Back Nine:1st:Mary Riordan(11), Ted Lowry(7), Olive Mulvihill(30), Paddy Mahony(14) 27.9. 2nd: Ann O’Donoghue(21), Pat O’Connell(15), Dan McKenna(11), Ann English(18) 29.6.


19/1/12 Winners: Pat Duggan, Vincent Gilligan, Noel Horgan. 2nd: Captain .Joe Considine, Paddy Mahony, Pat O Connell, Sean Murphy. 3rd: Noel Green, Eric Rochford, Richard Walsh. 26/1/12 Winners 51pts: Liam Armshaw, Pat Walsh, Vincent Gilligan, Fr. Tony Ryan. 2nd.51pts: William Hyde, Joe Crosse, Jim Foley. 3rd.48pts: Michael Lynch, Pat Duggan, Eric Rochford. Cards Results: Winners: Mona Vaughan & Donovan, B O’Reilly & Gerry Kelly, Helen Walsh & Edward Lowry, Tim Walsh & Gerry Kelly.


Winter Sweep Week Ending 22/1/12: Winners: James O’Brien (11) 34pts. Mike Lyons (14) 33pts. Mike Lyons (14) 33pts. Christy Devine (12) 33pts. Pat Creamer (8) 33pts. Tom Cosgrove (22) 33pts. Seniors Results Thur. 12th.Jan. Winners: Michael Murphy, Noel Horgan, John Merrigan. 2nd. Tim Walsh, Vincent Gilligan, John Ryan B. 3rd . Paddy O Halloran, Brian Beary, John Gleeson. Cards Winners: Kathleen O’Dwyer & Willie Kinane, Doreen Donovan & Seanie Donovan, Gerry Kelly & Doreen Donovan, Willie Kinane & Kathleen O’Dwyer. eep Week Ending 8/1/12Winners: Bernard Murphy (21) 30pts. David Charles (11) 30pts.Joe Fitzgerald (12) 30pts. James Doocey (8) 30pts. Declan Browne (9) 30pts. Donal Bradshaw(14) 30pts.


The week ending the 24th ofDecember we gave out two vouchers and 25 points was needed to win. The week ending the 1st of Januarywe gave out 5 vouchers and you needed at least 26 points to get one.




Winter Sweep Week Ending 24/12/11Winners: Ger Ryan (14) 25pts. Maurice Power (15) 25pts.


Winter Sweep Week Ending 1/1/12Winners: Eddie Madden (10) 27pts. James Ryan (6) 27pts.P.J. Raggett (19) 27pts. Martin O’Connor (18) 26pts. Michael Gill (15) 26pts.


Winter Sweep Week Ending 18/12/11 Winner: Adrian O’Donoghue (13) 30pts. Cards:10/12/11 45 Winners: Claire Ryan & K O’Dwyer, Tim Walsh & Breeda Doherty, B Doherty & W Kinane.17/12/11 45 Winners: Gertrude Gilligan & Kay Delaney, Tim Walsh & Billy O’Reilly, Carmel Ryan & S Donovan.


Weekly Voucher Competition Week Ending 11/12/11Winners:Patrick Ryan G (6) 30pts. John Paul Meehan (11) 30pts. Jim Noonan (16) 29pts.


Weekly Voucher Competition Week Ending 4/12/11Winners: Barry Murphy (20) 33pts. Rob McDonnell (18) 29pts. Martin Dillon (12) 29pts. Michael Fitzpatrick (16) 29pts. Seniors Thur. 1st Dec. Winner 69pts: Eamonn Coffey, Pat O Donovan, Liam Hynes, Brian Beary. 2nd. 67pts. Rody Dwan, Liam O Dwyer, John Ryan B, John Gleeson.3rd 66pts. Paddy Cleary, John O Dea, Maurice Crotty, William Hyde. Cards: 45 Winners: Breda Doherty & Carmel Ryan, John O’Donoghue & Kathleen O’Dwyer, Vincent Gilligan & Maureen Donovan, Captain Joe Considine & Willie Kinane, Kay Delaney & Mona Vaughan


Weekly Voucher Competition Week Ending 27/11/11: Winners: Thomas Hanley (20) 33pts. Colm Noonan (9) 33pts. Seamus Ryan (14) 33pts. Edmond Ryan (19) 33pts. Anthony Ryan (18) 33pts. Colm Noonan (9) 32pts.


Winners Week Ending 20/11/11: John O’Donovan (20) 35pts. Bernard Kennedy (22) 35pts. John Ryan B (21) 33pts. Eric Grogan (24) 33pts. Paddy Crowe (16) 33pts. We would like to congratulate 0ur caterers Liam and Sarah Brennan who have extended their business with a new restaurant at No.5 Davis Street Tipperary. Liam is taking bookings for Christmas parties for the golf club and his new restaurant he can be contacted on 087 6848443. Cards Winners: Helen Walsh & Maura Donovan, Mary Doherty & Edward Lowry, Gertrude Gilligan & Gerry Kelly.




Voucher Competition WeekEnding 13/11/11:Winners: Martin Dineen (10) 34pts. LiamRafferty (8) 34pts. John Merrigan(20) 33pts. Paddy O’Shea (14) 32pts. Patrick Ryan G (6) 32pts. Eamonn Mulcahy (18) 31pts


Seniors Results Thur. 10th.Nov. Winner 83pts. Liam Ryan, John Merrigan, JohnGleeson, Denis Mc Cormack. 2nd. 82pts. JimFoley, Pat Walsh, William Hyde, Connie Mc Inerney


3rd 80 pts. John Breen, Maurice Crotty, John O Donovan, Eddie Fitzgerald


Winter Sweep week ending 6/11/11: Winners: Joe Considine (16) 38pts. James Collins (16) 37pts. Pat Hayes (16) 33pts. John Morrissey (16) 32pts. William Hayes (16) 32pts. Trevor Flynn (9) 31pts.


Club Development Draw Results: !st: Michael O’Donoghue €1000. 2nd: John Breen Snr. €500. 3rd: Paul Fortune €100. 4th: Sean Ryan L €100. 5th: Gerard Kelly €100. 6th: Eddie O’Gorman €100. 7th: Eddie Fitzgerald & Mary Riordan €100.


Cards: 45 Winners: Paddy Mahony & Edward Lowry, Helen Walsh & Gertrude Gilligan, John O’Donoghue & Evelyn Connery, Stephen Delaney & Breda Doherty.


Tuesday Open Singles 18/10/11 sponsored by Brennan Catering. 1st: James Doocey (8) 42pts. 2nd: Sean Cummins (4) 39pts. 3rd: Norman Jones (9) 38pts.


Open Singles Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd October: 1st: Jim Bolger (13) 44pts. 2nd: John Paul Meehan (11) 38pts. 3rd: Trevor Flynn (9) 36pts. Best Saturday: Martin O’Connor (18) 36pts. Best Sunday : Dan McKenna (11) 36pts.


Seniors Results: Thur. 20/10/11 1st: 90pts. Eric Rochford, Capt. Seamus Ryan, John Ryan, John J O Donoghue. 2nd.90pts Denis Mc Cormack, John Merrigan, Phil Ryan, Michael Ryan. 3rd88pts Bernard Kennedy, Maurice Crotty, William Hyde, Gerry Bailey.


This weekend we have the last of the 18 hole competitions when we host the Christmas hamper. This will run over Saturday, Sunday and the bank holiday Monday with prizes for each day.


From Tuesday the 1st of November we will have our weekly voucher competitions which proved so successful last year. The same format will apply as last year with €5 entry and re-entry. The number of vouchers given out each week will depend on the number of entrants. The vouchers may be used in the Pro. shop, the bar/restaurant or may be used to pay your annual subscription.


Cards winners, Gertrude Gilligan & Kathleen Kinane, William Kinane & Stephen Delaney







Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 11/10/11 1st: Ger Beary (17) 43pts. 2nd: Tim Walsh (17) 39pts. 3rd: David Foster (21) 39pts.Open Singles Saturday15th & Sunday 16th October: 1st: Gerard Ryan (13) 44pts. 2nd: Liam Rafferty (9) 42pts. 3rd: Tom Bourke (18) 41pts. Best Saturday: Eddie O’Sullivan (15) 39pts. Best Sunday: Michael Keaty (9) 40pts. Seniors Results Thur. 13th. Oct. 1st: 101pts. Denis Mc Cormack, John O Dea, Liam Hynes, Sean English. 2nd.94pts Peter Ryan, Liam O Dwyer, Pat Leahy, Fr Tony Ryan. 3rd 94pts Paddy Ryan T, Mike Maher, Maurice Crotty, Michael Carmody. Cards 45 Winners: Gertrude Gilligan & Kay Delaney. Kathleen O’Dwyer & Carmel Ryan.


Tuesday Open Singles 4/10/11 1st: Gerard Ryan (13) 41pts. 2nd: Sean Bourke (13) 41pts. 3rd: Liam Rafferty (10) 40pts.Open Singles 8th/9th October 1st: Pat Ryan L (21) 43pts. 2nd: Larry Ryan (20) 42pts. 3rd: James Doocey (9) 41pts. Best Saturday: Tim Walsh (17) 39pts. Best Sunday: Michael O’Brien (11) 41pts. C.S.S. Saturday 36pts. Sunday 38pts. Seniors: Thur. 6th Oct. Seniors held a very successful Charity Day, all proceeds donated to Irish Parkinson’s and Irish Kidney Associations Singles Competition.1st: Captain Seamus Ryan 41pts. 2nd: William Hyde 36pts. 3rd:John Merrigan 36pts. Just a reminder that the card season has started in the club house every Saturday night at 8pm all members welcome.Cards: 45 Winners: Vincent Gilligan, Evelyn Connery.



Tuesday Open Singles 27/9/11: 1st: David Ryan Dundrum (11) 40pts. 2nd: Kieran Hayes (8) 39pts. 3rd: Patsy Ryan (16) 39pts.

Open Singles Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October. 1st: Colm Noonan (9) 41pts. 2nd: Sean Cummins (4) 41pts. 3rd: Billy O’Reilly (20) 41pts. Best Saturday: Eddie O’Sullivan (16) 41pts. Best Sunday: Ray Kelly (6) 40pts.


Seniors Results Thur. 29/9/11 1st: 96pts. Richard Walsh, Fr Tony Ryan, Pat Duggan, John Merrigan 2nd. 94pts. Larry Kelly, Brian Beary, Liam O Dwyer, P J Treacy.

3rd 92pts. Michael Collins, John Breen, Jim Foley, John O Dea.





Full Results:

Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 20/9/11: 1st: James Ryan (6) 43pts. 2nd: Rody Dwan (18) 42pts. 3rd: Sean Cummins (5) 42pts.

Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Mr. Binman 23/9/11: 1st: Sean Cummins (5) 43pts. 2nd: Norman Jones (9) 43pts. 3rd: Sean Jackson (20) 40pts.

Mackay Cup 24/9/11: 1st: Pat Creamer (8) 65. 2nd: Eddie Madden (10) 65. 3rd: Colm Murphy (17) 69.


This weekend we have an open singles on Saturday and Sunday.


If you have tried everything to improve your game, got lessons from your local pro, bought all the latest equipment listened to all the tips from your friends and your golf is still not improving why not attend the club house this Friday evening at 8pm where Dr. Michael Cambell from the University of Limerick will give a talk on the mental aspects of the game of golf. All are welcome and it should be a very enjoyable and informative evening.


Seniors Results:

Thur15/9/11. 1st: 96pts Larry Kelly, Noel Green, Eric Rochford, Captain Seamus Ryan. 2nd. 96pts Pat Duggan, William Hyde, Pat O Connell, Sean Murphy.

3rd. 95pts Bernard Kennedy, Connie Mc Inerney, Bill O Reilly, John Merrigan.

Thur 22/9/11 Mitchelstown Seniors Visit to Tipperary Golf Club: 1st: 109 pts. Pat Duggan, Sean Murphy, Phil Ryan, Dick Walsh.

2nd: 108pts. Michael Cremmin Mitchelstown G.C. Sean Buckley President Mitchelstown G.C. John Breen Tipperary G.C. John Coffey Visitor.

3rd: 107pts. Tom Dwane Mitchelstown G.C. John Seymour Mitchelstown G.C. John O Dea Tipperary G.C. Con Hayes Tipperary G.C





The games committee request that all outstanding match play events be completed as soon as possible.

Results: Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 13/9/11 1st: Norman Jones (10) 40pts. 2nd: Sean Murphy (10) 39pts. 3rd: JamesO’Donoghue (22) 38ptsSaturday Open Singles sponsored by Mr. Binman 17/9/11 1st: Sean Cummins (6) 43pts. 2nd: Michael Keaty (10) 40pts. 3rd: Trevor Flynn (9) 37pts.

Monthly Medal sponsored by Jim Noonan 18/9/11 1st: Paddy Mulcahy (19) 67. 2nd: Pat Cleary (18) 67. 3rd: Larry Creamer (15) 70. Best Gross: Michael P Ryan (4) 76gross.






Saturday Open Singles 10/9/11: 1st: Michael Keaty (10) 40pts. 2nd: Patsy Ryan (17) 38pts. 3rd: Kieran Hayes (8) 38pts.

Frewen Cup 11/9/11 sponsored by Kennedy, Frewen, O’Sullivan Solicitors: 1st: Michael O’Brien (11) 39pts. 2nd: Patrick Ryan G (5) 39pts. 3rd: Martin O’Connor (18) 37pts.


Seniors Results 8/9/11: 1st: 65 pts. Fr.John Ryan, Pat Walsh, Vincent Gilligan, Noel Horgan. 2nd: 62 pts. John Kiely, John Gleeson, William Hyde, John J O’ Donoghue.

3rd: 61 pts. Joe B Ryan, Connie McInerney, Larry Kelly, Tom Hickey.






Friday Mixed 2/9/11: Winners: Captain Seamus Ryan, Keira O’Mahony, Jim McCormack.


Club Sweep Saturday 3/9/11: 1st: Michael O’Brien (12) 42pts. 2nd: Declan Maguire (18) 42pts. 3rd: Jim McGlynn (12) 41pts.


Club Sweep Sunday 4/9/11: 1st: Michael Keaty (11) 40pts. 2nd: Jim Bolger (13) 39pts.


Seniors Results: Outing to Roscrea Glof Club 1/9/11: 1st:87pts Paddy Mahony, Sean English, Paddy Ryan T, Billy O’Reilly. 2nd: 87pts. William Hyde, Connie Hayes, Brien Beary, P.J. Treacy. 3rd: 86pts. Ned Lonergan, John O’Dea, Phil Ryan, Tom Hickey.







Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 23/8/11: 1st: John Carr (17) 41pts. 2nd: James O’Donoghue (24) 41pts. 3rd: John Quigley (10) 41pts.Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Gannon’s Galtee Service Staion 27/8/11: 1st: Michael Garry (20) 37pts. 2nd: Kieran Burke (10) 37pts. 3rd: Michael O’Brien (12) 36pts.Sunday Club singles sponsored by I.T.W. Performance Polymers 28/8/11: 1st: Patrick Ryan (G) (5) 67. 2nd: Liam Rafferty (10) 68. 3rd: Richard Ryan (10) 69. Seniors Open Results Thurs. 25th Aug.Category A: 1st. Tom O Byrne Raffeen Creek G C 43pts. 2nd: Sean Murphy Tipperary G C 42pts. 3rd:Paddy O Halloran Tipperary G C 37pts. Category B: 1st. P J O Rourke Thurles G C 42pts. 2nd: Pat O Donovan. Tipperary G C 41pts. 3rd: Pat Cummins Tipperary G C 41pts.Category C: 1st Joe Crosse Tipperary G C 43pts. 2nd.Denis Mc Cormack Tipperary G C 42pts. 3rd. William Hyde Tipperary G C 39pts.S.S. Home 69, Away 71.






Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 16/8/11. 1st: John Cahill (10) 42pts. 2nd: Donal Noonan (7) 41pts. 3rd: Pat Hayes (16) 41pts.


Friday Mixed 19/8/11. Winners: Captain Seamus Ryan, Kate Nicholson, Donald Daly.


Vice Captain Joe Considine’s Prize 20/21st August 2011: 1st: Frank Doran (17) 63. 2nd: Martin Dillon (12) 65(Back 9). 3rd: Paddy Moloney (14) 65(Back 9).

Best Gross: Seanie Cummins (6) 73. Cat.1: Patrick Ryan (5) 68. Cat. 2: Brian Treacy (12) 65. Cat. 3: President Matt Kavanagh (25) 66.


Junior Captain Cathal Devlin’s Prize 15/8/11: 1st: Katie Rafferty (23) 46pts. 2nd: Jamie Morrissey (20) 44pts. 3rd: Sean Long (5) 38pts.

Cubs Section: 1st: Adam McGrath. 2nd: Conal Donovan.


Seniors Results Thur.18/8/11 Outing to Limerick Golf Club: 1st: 94pts Eamonn Coffey, Sean Murphy, Michael Collins, Pat Duggan. 2nd. 94pts William Hyde, Joe Crosse, Gerry Bailey, Noel Horgan. 3rd. 89pts Michael Lynch, Paddy O’ Halloran, Pat Leahy, Tim Walsh.


Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 9/8/11. 1st: Thomas Carmody (16) 45pts. 2nd: Martin Dineen (11) 43pts. 3rd: Edmond Fitzgerald (20) 41pts.Friday Mixed 12/8/11. Winners: Brian Treacy, Orla Cremin, Willie Walsh.Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Lowry’s Bar 13/8/11. 1st: James O’Brien (11) 44pts. 2nd: Martin Dineen (10) 42pts. 3rd: Sean Nolan (8) 40pts.Monthly Medal competition sponsored by Matt Ryan, Auctioneer 14/8/11. 1st: David Charles (11) 67. 2nd: Gerry Boland (14) 67. 3rd: Michael Keaty (11) 68. Best Gross: Sean Long (6) 75gross. Seniors Results Thur.11/8/11.Winners 102pts. P J Treacy, David Cohan, Sean Murphy, John J O Donoghue. 2nd 100pts. Denis Mc Cormack, Larry Kelly, Brian Beary, Joe Ryan,

3rd.95pts. Eric Rochford, John O Dea, Liam Ryan, President Matt Kavanagh.


Results:Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 2/08/11: 1st: James O’Brien (12) 46pts. 2nd: John Morris (16) 44pts. 3rd: Thomas Carmody (17) 42pts.President Matt Kavanagh’s Prize 6th & 7th August 2011: 1st: Michael Keaty (15) 61.5 pts. 2nd: Raymond Flynn (15) 60.5 pts. 3rd: James Ryan (5) 59.5 pts. 4th: Adrian O’Donoghue (11) 59.5 pts.Gross: Michael P. Ryan (4) 32 gross. Cat. 1: Pat Creamer (8) 58 pts. Cat. 2: Richard Ryan (10) 56 pts. Cat. 3: Timmy Walsh (17) 58.5 pts. Seniors Prize: John Ryan B (20) 56 pts.

Past Presidents: John J O’Donoghue (27) 34 pts.Friday Night Mixed 5/8/11 Winners: Frank Doran, Ursula Madden, Vincent Gilligan.Seniors Results: Thur.4th.Aug. Winners: 104pts Andy Lacey, Peter Ryan, John Merrigan, President Matt Kavanagh. 2nd: 95pts. Richard Walsh, Maurice Crotty, Pat O Connell, David Cohen. 3rd: 93pts. Jim Foley, Larry Kelly, Noel Horgan, Michael Carmody.



Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 26/07/11 1st: Colm Dillon (20) 45pts. 2nd: Brian Devlin (13) 42pts. 3rd: Liam Hynes (21) 42pts.


Scratch Cups sponsored by Pierse Motors, Tipperary July 30 & 31 & Aug 1

Senior Scratch Cup: 1st: David Ruddy Dundrum (+1) 71. 2nd: Shane Hogan Nenagh (1) 75.

Junior Scratch Cup: 1st: Patrick Ryan G (5) 71. 2nd: Bill O’Brien (5) 76(back 3). 3rd: Trevor Flynn (9) 76. Nett: John O’Neill Rathbane (10) 66.

Intermediate Scratch Cup: 1st: Robbie Donovan Mitchelstown (12) 80. 2nd: Roddy Crehan (12) 82. 3rd: Joe Fitzgerald (12) 83. Nett: Jim Bolger (14) 70.

Minor Scratch Cup: 1st: Chris Real (16) 83. 2nd: Martin O’Connor (18) 86. 3rd: Johnny Morrissey (16) 87. Nett: Declan Ryan (21) 67.


Seniors Results 29/07/11 Winners 98pts. Liam Hynes, Pat Cummins, Andy Lacey, John J O Donoghue. 2nd 95pts. Eamonn Coffey, Paddy Cleary, Denis Mc Cormack, Pat Walsh. 3rd 93pts. P J Treacy, William Hyde, Michael Ryan, John Ryan B.




Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 26/07/2011 1st Colm Dillon (20) 45pts 2nd Brian Devlin (13) 42pts 3rd Liam Hynes (21) 42pts Overall Gross Sean Nolan (8) 75




Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 19/07/11 1st: Liam Cummins (5) 41pts. 2nd: Martin Daly (15) 41pts. 3rd: Ted Lowry (9) 40pts.Friday Mixed 22/07/11: Winners: Samuel Noonan, Jim Nicholson, Gertrude Gilligan.Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Denis & Breda Leahy 23/07/11. 1st: Fergal Lonergan (15) 44pts. 2nd: David Holmes Ease Clare (23) 43pts. 3rd: Christopher O’Connor (15) 43pts.Sunday Club Singles sponsored by O’Halloran Pork & Bacon 24/07/11. 1st: Adrian O’Donoghue (12) 66. 2nd: Stephen Delaney (18) 67. 3rd: Pat Ryan G (5) 67. Best Gross: James Ryan (5) 74. Seniors Results Thursday 21/07/11: 1st: 94pts. Tony Buckley, Peader Keane, Noel Horgan, Tom Hickey. 2nd: 89pts. Connie Mc Inerney, Fr John Ryan, Michael Ryan, Pat Walsh.3rd:88pts. John O Donovan, Rody Dwan, Pat Ryan T, Liam Hynes.

Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 12/07/11: 1st: Steven Murray (5) 41pts. 2nd: Tony O’Sullivan (4) 41pts. 3rd: Sean Bourke (14) 40pts.

3 Person Team Event 15/07/11: 1st: Declan Ryan (20), Michael Roche (21), Jonathan O’Connell (21) 86pts. 2nd: Sean Long (5), Raymond Kelly (5), Ted Lowry (8) 85pts.

Saturday Open Singles 16/07/11: 1st: Roddy Crehan (14) 41pts. 2nd: Sean Cummins (6) 38pts. 3rd: Damien Lyons (8) 38pts.

Sunday Club Singles sponsored by O’Donoghue, Hooper, Dolan. 17/07/11: 1st: Quinn Perry (13) 40pts. 2nd: Mark McInerney (12) 39pts. 3rd: Ray Kennedy (26) 39pts.


Seniors Results: Captain Seamus Ryan’s Prize to Seniors 14/07/11: 1st: President Matt Kavanagh 40pts. 2nd: Phil Ryan 39pts.

Category A: 1st: Paddy O’Halloran 36pts. 2nd: Liam Ryan 36pts. 3rd: Pat Walsh 35pts.

Category B: 1st: Pat Duggan 39pts. 2nd: Rody Dwan 37pts. 3rd: Pat Ryan T. 37pts.

Category C: 1st: Tony Buckley 38pts. 2nd: Michael Collins 38pts. 3rd: John J O’Donoghue.


Friday night mixed results

Winners: Willie Hyde, Sheila Hammersley and Sean Jackson.

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Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 5/7/11: 1st: James Ryan (6) 41pts. 2nd: Pat Walsh (Boher) (16) 41pts. 3rd: Joe Fitzgerald (14) 39pts.

Friday Mixed Winners: Lady President Cathie Meehan, Mike O’Brien, Willie Walsh.

Open Singles 9th & 10th July. 1st: Ernie Fahey, Abbeyfeale (18) 42pts. 2nd: Gerry O’Donoghue (12) 42pts. 3rd: Michael O’Brien (12) 41pts.




This weekend we have an open singles on Saturday and Sunday.



Tuesday Open Singles 28/06/11 sponsored by Brennan Catering: 1st: Michael Tobin (18) 40pts. 2nd: John Ryan B (20) 39pts. 3rd: Pat O’Connell (18) 39pts.


Captain Mr Seamus Ryan’s Prize 03/07/11:

Winner: James Doocey (12) 164 Nett. 2nd: Adrian O’Donoghue (14) 169 Nett. 3rd: Liam Rafferty (10) 171 Nett (Back 9). 4th: Frank Doran (18) 171 Nett.

5th: Patrick Ryan G (5) 172.5. Best Gross: Michael P Ryan (4) 152 gross. Leading Qualifier: Michael Keaty (15) 66 Nett. Cat.1: Sean Cummins (6) 176 Nett.

Cat.2: Brian Treacy (12) 173 Nett. Cat.3: Matt Kavanagh (25) 175.5 Nett. Past Captain: James Collins (16) 176 Nett. Seniors Prize: William Hyde (22) 178 Nett.

Best Visitor: Raymond Ryan. Best Junior: Kieran Burke.


Seniors Results 30/06/11:

1st: Connie Hayes, Richard Walsh, Phil Ryan, William Hyde 94pts. 2nd: John J O’Donoghue, David Cohen, Maurice Crotty, Sean Murphy 87pts.

3rd: Captain Seamus Ryna, Pat Duggan, P.J. Treacy, John O’Donovan 86pts.




Our Saturday open singles kindly sponsored by Larry Creamer attracted a very large field. The weather conditions were kind. The winner was Nigel McCarthy with 44 points he just pipped Ger Egan who also had 44 points and in third place was Willie Burns with 40 points.




Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 21/6/11: 1st: Joe Murphy (14) 42pts. 2nd: Trevor Flynn (9) 42pts. 3rd: Eddie Madden (11) 41pts. C.S.S. 37pts.


Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Larry Creamer 25/6/11: 1st: Nigel McCarthy Slieve Na Mon (10) 44pts. 2nd: Ger Egan (12) 44pts. 3rd: Willie Burns (18) 40pts. C.S.S. 37pts.


Seniors Results Thursday 23/6/11:


1st: Tony Buckley, Peader Keane, Pat Duggan, Frank Doran 90pts. 2nd: Fr. David Kennedy, Con McInerney, Fr. John Ryan, Andy Lacey 88pts


3rd: P.J. Treacy, John Gleeson, Larry Kelly 83pts.





Tuesday Open Singles 14/06/11 sponsored by Brennan Catering. 1st: Kieran Hayes (11) 41pts. 2nd: Kieran Flynn (16) 41pts. 3rd: Mark Jordan (15) 37pts.




Friday Mixed 17/06/11. Winners: Eoghan Bourke, Liam Hynes, Sheila Hammersley.


Saturday Open Singles 18/06/11 sponsored by Tipperary Co-Op. 1st: Philip McLoughlin (16) 39pts. 2nd: Christopher O’Connor (16) 39pts. 3rd: Dara Kennedy Grange Castle (11) 38pts.


Monthly Medal sponsored by K.T. Flynn 19/06/11. 1st: Declan Browne (9) 67. 2nd: Mike Martin (26) 68. 3rd: Reg Kennedy (27) 69. Best Gross Michael P Ryan (3) 75.



Seniors Results Thursday 16/06/11: 1st: 88pts Tom Hickey, Con McInerney, Joe Crosse, Con Hayes. 2nd: 88pts Paddy Ryan T, Billy O’Reilly, Pat Leahy, Vincent Gilligan. 3rd: 80pts Paddy Cleary, Neol Green, Gerry Bailey.


Results: Open Singles Sponsored by Brennan Catering 6th & 7th June:


1st: Jim McGlynn 41pts. 2nd: Darragh Coughlan 39pts. 3rd: Dermot O’Dwyer 39pts. Best Monday: Michael Butler. Best Tuesday: Thomas Shanahan.



Friday mixed winners John Paul Meehan, Anne Hynes and Ger Beary.



Seniors Open Results Thursday 9/6/11: Category A: 1st: Seamus Ryan, Tipperary 42pts. 2nd: Finbarr McCarthy, Mallow 40pts. 3rd: Michael Ryan, Tipperary 39pts.


Category B: 1st: Bert Cummins, Raffeen Creek 40pts. 2nd: Pat Walsh, Tipperary 40pts. 3rd: Fr. David Kennedy, Tipperary 38pts.


Category C: 1st: John Desmond, Raffeen Creek 41pts. 2nd: Pat Cummins, Tipperary 41pts. 3rd: Joe Crosse, Tipperary 37pts.





Open Singles June 6th & 7th 2011 1st Jim McGlynn (12) 41pts 2nd Darragh Coughlan (7) 39pts Back Nine 3rd Dermot O’Dwyer (12) 39pts


CSS Monday 6th 36pts Css Tuesday 7th 35pts


Scramble 03/06/2011 Winners Martin Dineen (12) Paddy Moloney (13) Tony Heelan (16)


Saturday 03/06/2011 Open Singles 1st Martin Dineen (12) 44pts 2nd Niall Donovan (11) 43pts 3rd Michael Browne (21) (41)pts.


Sunday 05/06/2011 Club Singles 1st Christpher O’Connor (18) 42pts 2nd Michael P Ryan (4) 41pts 3rd Donal (Jr) Noonan (7) 39pts


Tuesday Open Singles Sponsored by Brennan Catering St 31/05/2011 1st Stephen Massey Slievenamon (6) 41pts 2nd Liam Cummins (5) 40pts 3rd Kieran Flynn (17) 40pts CSS 36


Full results:


Tuesday Open Singles Sponsored by Brennan Catering 24/05/11: 1st: Donal Elliott (7) 42pts. 2nd: David Cahill (15) 41pts. 3rd: Donal Sheehy (9) 40pts.


Saturday Open Singles Sponsored by Tipperary Driving Range 28/05/11: 1st: Tim Walsh (18) 42pts. 2nd: Darragh Coughlan (9) 41pts. 3rd: Joe O’Dwyer (15) 40pts.


Professionals Prize Sponsored by Robert Kelly 29/05/11: 1st: Darragh Coughlan (9) 45pts. 2nd: Brian Treacy (13) 43pts. 3rd: James Ryan (6) 42pts.

Best Gross: Patrick Ryan (G) (5) 74


Results Friday Night Mixed 27/05/11: Winners: Renagh Murphy, Bernard Murphy, Willie Hyde.


Seniors Results Thursday 26/05/11: Winners: Michael Ryan, Jim Foley, Maurice Crotty.


Saturday Open Singles sponsored by McGrath Oil, Emly. 21/05/11. 1st: Liam Cummins (6) 38pts. 2nd: Michael Meaney (21) 37pts. 3rd: Philip McLoughlin(16) 37pts.


Sunday Club Singles sponsored by Hourigan’s Menswear 22/05/11. 1st: Jeremiah Quirke (19) 37pts. 2nd: Francis Cummins (21) 36pts. 3rd: Colm Cosgrove (18) 36pts.


Seniors Results:


Mon. 16th. May Outing to Thurles Golf Club: 1st: 97pts. Bernard Kennedy, President Matt Kavanagh, Noel Green, Richard Walsh.


2nd: 86pts. Connie Hayes, Liam Ryan, Rody Dwan, Captain Seamus Ryan, 3rd: 82pts. Larry Kelly, Pat Cummins, Liam O Dwyer, Peter Ryan.


Thursday 19th May: 1st: 111pts. John J O Donoghue, Michael Lynch, Peter Ryan, Connie Mc Inerney.


2nd: 108pts. Michael Ryan, Phil Ryan, Brian Beary, Captain Seamus Ryan. 3rd: 108pts. William Hyde, Sean Murphy, Paddy Cleary, Pat Cummins.


Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 18/05/2011


1st Michael O’Brien (11) 42pts. 2nd John Paul Meehan (11) 42pts. 3rd Paddy O’Halloran (14) 42pts.



TUESDAY OPEN SINGLES SPONSORED BY BRENNAN CATERING 10/05/11: 1ST: Richard Ryan (12) 42pts. 2nd: Sean Nolan (8) 40pts. 3rd: Patrick Finnan (6) 40pts.

SATURDAY OPEN SINGLES 14/05/11: 1ST: John Paul Meehan (12) 41pts. 2nd: Eoghan O’Brien, Dundrum (8) 39pts. 3rd: Dave Ryan, Dundrum (12) 39pts.

MAY MONTHLY MEDAL SPONSORED BY A.I.B. 15/05/11: 1ST: Gerry O’Donoghue (13) 65. 2nd: Paul Kett (13) 66. 3rd: Dan McKenna (9) 68. Best Gross: Michael P Ryan (3) 73.



SENIORS RESULTS THUR.12th. May: 1st: 89pts. John Breen, Noel Green, Pat Duggan, Frank Doran. 2nd. 89pts. Michael Lynch, Tom Hickey, Brian Beary, John Gleeson.

3rd.87pts. Larry Kelly, Vincent Gilligan, Bernard Kennedy, P J Treacy. Tipperary Seniors Open is on the 9th. June , the time sheet is now available.



Full results:

Tuesday Open Singles sponsored by Brennan Catering 26/04/111st: Jim Bolger (13) 39pts. 2nd: Kieran Burke (11) 39pts. 3rd: Oliver Carr (5) 39pts.


Saturday Open Singles sponsored by Ballinalard Transport 30/04/111st: Mike Maher (20) 42pts. 2nd: Robert McDonnell (18) 40pts. 3rd: Darragh Coughlan (10) 39pts.


Open Fourball 1st&2nd May sponsored by Liam Wall Maxol:

1st: Trevor Flynn (8) & Adrian O’Donoghue (14) 48pts. 2nd: Steven Murray (5) & Sean O’Riann (24) 48pts. 3rd: Liam Cummins (6) & Mick Murray (13) 47pts.


Seniors Results Thur. 28th. April.


1st: 93pts. John Hanly, Jim Foley, Sean Murphy, John Ryan B. 2nd. 90 pts. Denis Mc Cormack, P J Treacy, Joe Considine, Richard Walsh. 3rd. 89pts. Tony Buckley, John Kiely, Peader Keane, Liam O Dwyer.




Easter Open Fourball sponsored by M.D. Lock & Key 22nd/23rd April:

1st: Eamon Quirke, Ballykisteen (10) & Cathal McGrath, Ballykisteen (12) 47pts. 2nd: Sean Cummins (6) & David Cartlidge (13) 46pts.

3rd: J.J. Riordan (11) & Matt Kavanagh (24) 46pts.


Easter Open Singles sponsored by Standard Life Assurance 24th/25th April:

1st: Gerard Ryan (13) 44pts. 2nd: Chris Real (17) 43pts. 3rd: Kieran Dillon (17) 42pts. Best Sunday: Donal Bradshaw (13) 42pts. Best Monday: Larry Creamer (15) 42pts.

Best Gross: Tony O’Sullivan 36pts. C.S.S. Sunday 38pts. Monday 39pts.



Tuesday Open Singles 19/04/11


1st Paul Kett (14) 43pts


2nd Conor Carroll (12) 42pts


3rd Joe Considing (17) 41pts.


CSS 38pts


Saturday Open Singles 16/04/11




1st: Mark McInerney (13) 44pts. 2nd: Mark Lowry (15) 39pts. 3rd: Richard Ryan (12) 39pts. C.S.S. 38pts.


Sunday Club Singles Sponsored by Kickham Lounge 17/04/11


1st: Kieran Dillon (19) 43pts. 2nd: Brian Devlin (12) 42pts. 3rd: Pat Ryan (5) 42pts. C.S.S. 37pts.





Open Singles


Tuesday April 12th


1st Ragget PJ 42Pts


2nd Delaney Stephen 40Pts


3rd Peter Maguire Cahir Park 40Pts


April 9th & 10th



Murray Fourball Qualifiers:

P Ryan (G) (5) & M Power (13) V E Bourke (12) & D O’Donnell (13). T Walsh (17) & J Ryan (6) V D Bradshaw (13) & B Sheils (13). B Quirke (15) & T O’Sullivan (4) V J Collins (15) & J Bolger (13).

L Cummins (6) & M Murray (12) V J O’Dwyer (15) & S English (17). E Madden (10) & J Merrigan (19) V D Browne (8) & D Browne (13). M O’Brien (11) & M Keaty (14) V T Flynn (8) & A O’Donoghue.

M Dillon (11) J O’Brien (11) V C McInerney (18) & M McInerney (13). C Noonan (9) & S Bohan (17) V C Devine (11) & M Gill (14).


Seniors Results Thursday April 7th;

1st: Seamus Ryan, John Ryan, Billy Kiely, Bob Sullivan. 2nd: Connie McInerney, Fr. David Kennedy, Michael Lynch, Sean O’Dwyer. 3rd: John Gleeson, Jim Foley, D Ronacres, A O’Donnell.

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April 2nd & 3rd



Draw for Tommy Ryan Cup.


Hubert Crowe (17) V Mike O’Brien (16).

Roger Lonergan (13) V Martin Dillon (11).

Damien Browne (13) V Tony O’Sullivan (4).

Eddie O’Gorman (12) V Brendan Ryan (14).

Sean Nolan (8) V Kieran Dillon (19).

Larry Ryan (20) V Pat Hayes (15).

John Paul Meehan (12) V Brian Treacy (13).

Steven Murray (5) V Padraig English (19).

Junior Prize: Sean Long (5) 39pts.


Seniors Results Thursday 31st. March

1st 110 pts. John Gleeson, Michael Lynch, Eddie Fitzgerald, Eric

Rochford. 2nd 106 pts. Mike Maher, Connie Hayes, Liam O Dwyer, John J O


3rd.102 pts. Michael Ryan, Liam Armshaw, Tom Hickey, Pat Cummins.


Singles 26th and 27th March sponsored by Dermot Mulhall 1st. Colm Noonan (10) 46 points, 2nd. Michael Meade (13) 41 points, 3rd. Paddy Mulcahy (17) 41 points Best Saturday Michael McGrath (17) 40 points, Best Sunday Joe McGrath (20) 41 points.


Seniors Results Thursday 24th. March


Winners 93pts. Tom Hickey, Pat Leahy, Phil Ryan, Sean Murphy. 2nd: 91pts.John Kiely, Liam O Dwyer, Pat O Connell, Ray Shanahan. 3rd: 90pts. Maurice Crotty, Larry Kelly, Eric Rochford


Club Singles 19th & 20th March:


1st: Gerry Dillon (20) 47pts, 2nd: Sean English (18) 44pts, Gerry Kelly (15) 43 pts

Best Saturday: John Frewan (19) 43pts. Best Sunday: John Carr (16) 42pts.

C.S.S. Sat 38pts. Sun 39pts. Seniors Friday 18th.March.1st: 73pts. Paddy Cleary. John Breen, Eamonn Coffey. 2nd: 70pts. Joe Crosse, Denis McCormack, John Kiely.




St Patrick’s Day


Team of Three


1st Conor Carroll (11) Frank Doran (17) Jim Noonan (14) 93 Pts


2nd John Ryan (19) Eamonn Mulcahy (16) Gerry O’Donoghue (12) 92Pts


3rd Michael Fitzpatrick (16) Peter Crosse (20) John Breen Sr (20) 91Pts


Sunday 13th March 2011


Club Singles 12th&13th March Sponsored by the Seniors:

!st: James O’Donoghue (24) 45pts. 2nd: Hubert Crowe (19) 43pts. 3rd: Edmund Fitzgerald (20) 42pts. Best Saturday: Damien Lyons (7) 41pts. Best Sunday: Liam Cummins (6) 39pts.

C.S.S. Saturday: 39pts. Sunday: 38pts


Seniors Results Thurs. 10th. March

1st: 93pts. Paddy Cleary, Maurice Crotty, Larry Kelly, P J Treacy. 2nd:.92pts. Bernard Kennedy, Pat O Donovan, Pat O Connell, Peadar Keane. 3rd: 92pts. Noel Green, Phil Ryan, Ed. Lonergan, Pat Walsh.






Sunday 6th March Results


Full Results Crowley Cup 5th and 6th March

1st. Jimmy Cagney (21) 44 points, 2nd Gerry Boland (15) 44 points, 3rd. John Quigley (11) 43 points. Best Saturday Paddy Moloney (14) 43 points, Best Sunday Michael Fuller (20) 42 points. C.S.S. Saturday 39 points, Sunday 38 points.


Seniors Results Outing to Ballykisteen Thur.3rd. March:

1st: 94 pts. Paddy Cleary, P J Treacy, John Breen, Con Hayes. 2nd 91pts. Tony Buckley, Dick O Halloran, Sean English, Pat Walsh 3rd.91pts. Bernard Kennedy, Phil Ryan,

Michael Cussins Guest, Pat O Donovan.



Feb 26th & 27th Coman Cup


John Rainsfort (11) v P.J Leahy (17)




Joe Browne (18) v Thomas Hayes (20)




Tom Cosgrove (20) v Hubert Crowe (19)




James O’Brien (11) v Frank Spillane (13)




Mike Martin (26) v Christy Devine (11)




Johnny Morrissey (16) v Willie Burns (17)




Paddy O’Halloran (13) v Pat O’Connell (10)




Michael Keaty (13) v Jerry Morrissey (17)




Feb 19th & 20th Moloney Foursomes


Michael O’Brien(10) & Michael Keaty(13) V Michael Meaney(20 & Hubert Crowe(19),

Dan McKenna(8) & Simon Earlie(9) V Eddie Madden(10) & Rody Dwan(17)

Ger Ryan(12) & Dave Charles(10) V Fr. Tony Ryan(20) & Eddie Stapleton(34)

Denis Ryan(12) & Seamus Morrissey(18) V Martin Dillon(10) & James O’Brien(11)

Frank Balfrey(25) & Joe Grimes(14) V Ed Sordillo(15) & Mike Lyons(16)

Tom Carmody(17) & James O’Donoghue(24) V Jackie Nelligan(18) & Mike Garry(19)

Tony O’Sullivan(4) & Richard Ryan(12) V Michael Fitzpatrick(16) & John Breen(20)

Martin O’Connor(17) & Eoin Ryan(17) V Donal Elliot(7) & Donie Sheehy(8)