It is important for all golfers to be aware of the rule changes that came into effect on Jan 01 2019.

We are running our rules night on Wed 23rd Jan @ 7:30pm.

Videos and fact sheets are no substitute for a good Q&A session so please do come along.

In the meantime …

With so much information & advice available about the new rules of golf for 2019  it is impossible to repeat everything in one short posting. Instead, we will try to direct you to those links which we find most useful. If you know of any others please let us know and we will try to include them here.

By default, the R&A site should always be the go-to for any queries.

20 Must Know Rules

Here is a summary of the key changes you need to know. Print a copy and take it with you on the course.
Link to PDF.
Top 20 Must Know Rules of Golf Changes for 2019

What is New – What is the Same

An overview of what is new and what has stayed the same in the rules.

Link to PDF.

Rules Visual Search

The R&A have added a new way to search the rules online – a visual search which categorises everything, in visual terms, where they would normally appear on the course. This is a highly recommended resource for all golfers.

Rules of Golf App

For smartphone users, links for the app download can be found on


The R&A have a really good series of short video clips about 2019 rule changes on their YouTube channel. This link will autoplay each video in the series.–dBs7Ah-OsZGPSETG_Zjq

Another animated clip is available on their twitter feed

A longer single clip in animation form is available on their website[mediaProxy.mediaPlayFrom]=34&iframeembed=true&playerId=playlist-carousel-0&entry_id=0_24891rhc&flashvars[streamerType]=auto

Note that some of the Local Rules and Competition Formats covered in the above clips (Out Of Bounds local rule and Maximum Score Stroke Play) have not been implemented at Tipperary Golf Club at this point.

Full Rules

For full rules please see

For interpretation on rules please see

Happy Golfing 2019.