Lady Captain 2017-18

Patricia O’Dwyer

(Photograph courtesy of William O’Brien)

Profile Of A Great Little Golfer

Bansha is where I have lived for a long number of years. When my children grew up I thought I could do with a diversion of activity so I joined the Club in the 90s. Since then I have played regularly, both casually and competitively on Teams in the ILGU competitions.

I am very fond of Tipperary Golf Club, I enjoy my golf there and the challenges it brings to me and to my fellow golfers. My role as Lady Captain in 2018 has so far been interesting and work orientated. The Committee I work with have been just great.

My late husband Tom was my greatest supporter, he always asked “Well how did that go?” when I came home. He knew that my answer could be either full of fun or just the exact opposite. The Club Members, both the Ladies and the Men, were so supportive for Tom and I in 2017. I intend to carry on my great golfing career far into the future, and will always appreciate my Golfing Buddies.