The Battle of Bansha, 2018.

After over a month of wet, cold and generally miserable weather the skies finally lightened for us in the last week. The days started to stretch and yes, yes, yes the course was open again. In the last couple of weeks our fine Captains had been spotted fine-tuning their skills in the Driving Range. Who could/would deliver that killer drive come match day?

Sunday Feb 4th brought out 80+ golfers with many more onlookers coming to support our Captains. Nerves were a little bit on edge all morning but a couple of cups of some nice hot punch soon solved that problem.  Our Lady Captain, Patricia O’Dwyer, was the first to gather the courage to show her prowess from the tee-box. Having taken sound advice from the experts she decided that the best option was her go-to shot, that power-fade starting down the left and gliding back to the fairway. As usual, she nailed it. Admiring POD’s stunner our Captain, Bernard ‘Boom Boom’ Tobin, took to the stage. With knees knocking and the help his new best friend, a G30, he sent a screamer down the fairway, over the hill & far far away. Steven Patten, our Junior Captain, now stepped up. Having spent days clearing wood from the course he can be forgiven for thinking that all the trees had been cleared away. Trying for that high fade and maybe not wanting to upstage his elders he just clipped a tree on the left which luckily kicked it back to the fairway. Top marks, three out of three. After quite a few years with the Ladies having the upper hand I think that this year the Men can honestly claim ‘We have it … for now!’.

It was great to get out in the air and to kick-start the golfing year. We had a fantastic afternoon of golf and some gorgeous soup & sandwiches back in the Clubhouse afterwards. Our thanks to Josephine Rea, Kitty O’Reilly and the Ladies for cooking up that special punch and Sean Jackson & Joe McGrath for organising the format, teams & cards. Best of luck to all three Captains in the year ahead.